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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Oh, right.

I keep forgetting that new gun laws will prevent criminals from getting guns.

Just like Lanza couldn't legally take a gun into that school.

Silly me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8397139

I think you are silly. If guns were not so readily available then perhaps Suzannas parents might still be alive.
Gun control might not eradicate the problem but common sense says it will reduce the chances of a lunatic from getting hold of a gun therefore reducing the incidents you guys in the states are experiencing. After saying that gun control is so widespread and deep in the states I think there is no going back.
 Quoting: morphic oceans 25960283

Hey, who are you?

Oh yeah, you're the one with the "yob" problem.

The one who can't be trusted with a steak knife.

The one whose grandfater was allowed, by Hitler, to run home to mommie from Dunkirk.

The one who was born a Socialist.

Solve your problems before you weigh in on ours, you inbred dentally-challenged imbecile.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8397139

My oh My! You do have the aggression of a gun ho hillbilly.

In five minutes of madness you can kill alot more people with a gun than you can with a steak knife.

What you fail to emotionally grasp is 'us' here in the uk actually care what happens over there.

Sure we have problems over here but that does not stop us from being trans-atlantic concerned.

 Quoting: morphic oceans 25960283

LOL... "trans-atlantic" concern.

You're so full of shit, your green teeth are brown.

You clowns are just like the Oztards. You were disarmed, and you want EVERYBODY ELSE to be disarmed and helpless, like yourself. Misery loves company. And jealousy generates hatred.

I'll tell you what, you hollow-headed limey sheeptard... You just KEEP your trans-atlantic "concern", and shove it as far up your rectum as you can get it.

But thanks anyway.
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