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Poster Handle Yuri Gervasii
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Arguing is a waste of time. The people jumping on the "government chuckwagon of gun control" are exactly the same people who still believe cave dwelling, rock throwing, box cutter skilled executioner's managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes on September 11th 2001.
See.. these people are brainwashed by the government owned media that spews "official" propaganda.
Their "God" comes from inside an all mighty television.

This is easily diagnosed as :Cognitive dissonance

Logical common sense should be all it takes for one to understand the ramifications of "disarming" the legal citizens who abide by the "laws" handed upon them by TPTB.

Its cut and dry:
Criminals who are going to commit a crime do not care if the very weapon they are using is illegal.
This will be like shooting fish in a barrel for the crack, or meth head inspired home invasions that will sky rocket as soon as law abiding citizens are disarmed.
Guess what will happen when we are disarmed? The already over crowded prisons, some private owned even will be raking in the money..money... money!
The criminal gets caught - he goes to jail
The home owner has a gun and shoots criminal - He goes to jail.
The home owner doesnt own a gun, the criminal kills the home owner - again... JAIL.
See where i am getting with this? Taking our guns is the perfect way to assure we are jailed... ie... CONTROLLED.

It is statistical FACT that every city that has banned guns has a higher crime rate then before the gun ban.
Marijuana is illegal.... Has that stopped anyone from using it? Bwahahaha... yeah, that "war on drugs" worked well... (for the CIA)
We have over 300 million guns in this country ALREADY. There is NO WAY any government can disarm the USA unless they agreed to hand over the guns. That is NOT going to happen.
So, if you look past the "gun ban" threat you can see the REAL agenda.... the REAL threat intended here.
Loss of your life or freedom!
You get caught with a gun - Jail.
You refuse to hand over your gun - Dead.
Either way.... its CONTROL they are after.

This is the same reason so many "misdemeanor's" have been bumped up to felonies. This is also the reason plea bargains are cut so easily.... Once your a felon, you have no rights therefor you are CONTROLLED.

[link to www.youtube.com]
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