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Maybe pathology in the US REALLY IS super-packed with legal jumble>?

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United States
12/28/2012 12:09 PM
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Maybe pathology in the US REALLY IS super-packed with legal jumble>?
I went to medical school in another country. I remember an older student preparing for orals in forensics in is 5th year. I was reading biochem at that time, so I didn't really pay attention. However, I DO remember he said that he was failed the first time because of exit wound knowledge and the case scenario he was given he did not mention gender, number of bullets or even entrance.

This could ALL be technical practicalities here. I'm not a pathologist, but I know a lot off them. My Path teacher in Medical school had been chief coroner of an area the size of Nevada. He was an incredibly funny and articulate man with great sense of humor and incredible talents and people skills. Another pathologist teacher I had came from Serbia and had his parents house in Novy Sad bombed by Bill Clinton.

To deal with tragedies, disasters and incredible human toils, the people who handle it the best are the ones with wide range of interests. I was a triage responder during Katrina. Some of us cried, others laughed nervously, but none of us acted like insensitive slobs. I was interviewed by a local paper and I could give out information without laughing or talking about my grandpa. Yes, some people laugh and act weird, others go crazy and some cry. But PROFESSIONALS in front of camera know how to pull themselves together. This is just like a bouncer knows how to crank up his cool to stand up to the thug of the night.

I basically wanted to destroy any stereotypes of doctors some people may have here. We are all as diverse and varied as everybody else. I have no knowledge to ascertain whether or not this is real, so my assessment of this is purely as a lay man. And as that I find this WEIRD as HE11.

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