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Message Subject Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan
Poster Handle 535
Post Content
Fear or deep seated belief of esoteric ancient foolish incantations is for the weak.

True power comes from the height of ultra-violence produced by the best weaponry combined with the brutal will to wield it indiscriminately without morality or remorse.

As it always has been... and always will be.
 Quoting: 535 1326993

Three Ways of Control

1. Military

2. Financial

3. Religion

4. Mass Media/Subconscious Manupliation

5. Space/Time Control

535 you tend to focus on one way of control while forgetting the other two
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Excellent observations.

Realize that POWER is different than control.

There are the soft arts of control, and there is the hard-core art of violent power.

Additionally, any of the soft arts of control can be militarized to become a true power. The power over life and death.

For example:

Financial Arts may be militarized to cause mass starvation on command.

Religious Arts may be militarized to cause massive deaths amongst an otherwise homogeneous population from internal strife.

Media Arts may be militarized to communicate incorrect and inflammatory information that is guaranteed to cause massive deaths from either battle or violent protest.

Space Command and the Military are one and the same, so although they are "different", the direct ends are the same.

Control is a tactic using the soft arts, without being militarized, for those who have already been conquered or are well on their way.

Power is the ultimate expression of violence. It comes from the ability to immediately remove an uncooperative individual, a group, or an entire population at will over a relatively short period of time with prejudice.

Control without power is of little use as it has been shown that populations will always, over time, rebel against the systems of control - thus shattering the systems of control itself.

Power is the ability to oversee a system of control with the knowledge that if the system itself is under attack, the hammer may be dropped at will.

That is power.
 Quoting: 535 1326993

You were trained well in terms of Military Power. That is Power in terms of King of the Jungle Survival of the Fittest. Focusing on our Animalistic Roots. Survival at all costs.

One clarification on the 5th type of control:

5. Space/Time Control has more to do with the control of Time. Imagine if you could see a military confrontation battle 24 hours in advance. Your ability to win increases dramatically.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

That already takes place... and for much further than 24 hours. Unfortunately, the further forward the information is received from, the less accurate it is. However, it is becoming much more accurate.

This technology is a relatively recent development. The reason for maddening failure was finally discovered. The only way it would operate is to send signals in reverse (back) and then it could receive them forward. It was assumed that a receiver was all that was needed, but fortunately that technological problem has been solved.

The signal must originate with the same device that receives.

No material transport is possible (for now), only information.
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