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Message Subject Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ur thread is stating truth about satan but u cndradict ur self by sayn Jesus sacrificed him self, so its same concept of satan sacrifice, wake up christians satan deceived all Christians in the doctrine of Jesus sacrifice and dying on cross. Jesus said worship the one and only G-d Allah, go read Bible in hebrew and see the exact word for G-d's name is Allah, even jews and rabbis admit now that Allah is the name of the creator. wake up ppl b4 its too late, if u dye its too late and no repentance will be accepted from u. we muslims r the true followers of Jesus peace be upon him and he is coming back soon to kill antichrist, Jesus was not killed bu was raised alive to Allah and hes coming back, Allah created Jesus just as He created our father Adam from clay, Jesus was prophet of Allah just like other prophets and yes he was born of his virgin mother Marry peace be upon her as miracle and sign to all mankind, Jesus foretold about prophet Mohamed peace be upon him coming and Mohamed peace be upon him said about how Jesus is part of the brotherhood of prophet hood. these words r only for those who have ears that can hear and eyes that can see and hearts that can comprehend Allah's message, not for those who r completely submitted to satan and his offspring of demons and hybrids. submit to Allah ur creator the one and only creator, its ur only option to save ur soul from burning in hell fire for eternity. have mercy on ur weak soul. no one can bear hell fire torment. not even satan.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17388397

Mohamed (or however you wish to spell his name)
And took children to be his wives.

Everything in complete contradiction to what Jesus Christ stands for.

If you actually read the gospel and the quran (Koran), you would know this.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way. He is THE truth, THE life, and THE way.

Why is this so hard to understand for muslims??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26665965

(Besides rape and pedophila)Didnt Israel do those same things that you say Mohammed did?
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