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Message Subject Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan
Poster Handle Texasusaguy
Post Content
The HOLY QURAN has the chapter titled "The Jinn".. the only Holy book to mention in such detail about what these other beings are.. they are not demons or aliesn they are called Jinns as in Genie...

They are made of Plasma. That is why the Quran and Islam are the truth.. the Bible use to be the truth but the Roman Pagan church corrupted it...funny how you all have realized by now the great lenths at which the powers to be in our culture and world.. that how the CHurch is corrupt and evil .. that somehow the leaders are bad since hundreds of years but that their message is somehow truthful and legit... that the bible is and has not been altered to serve their evil agendas.

I MEAN WAKE UP!!! As a previous poster mentioned.. iSLAM IS A CONTINUATION OF TRUE JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY.. of true MONOTHEISM!!! Islam doesn't deny any of the previous prophets and their books... It denies the falsification that the Jewish priests and Roman Pagans did to the Torah and New Bible..

And yet you all or atleast many blindly follow the Bible in which is states with pagan beliefs such as the trinity and Jesus being some sort of God?? Or the Lord Allah having a family mother of God mary or jesus son of god??? WTF

is wrong with you people!! please save your souls and testify in that there is Only One God Allah and that Mohammad is his last Prophet. YOu do that and you will be saved.

For people who lie and decieve Prophet Muhammad did not rape or kill etc etc what a bunch of lies... Wars were waged justly and in self defense after the Jews of Makkah and the pagan tribes of Makkah and Medinah repeatedly killed innocent new muslim followers and broke their agreements of non agression. Go look at your history.. And if Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was so evil he would have put down Jesus Christ or Moses or Abraham or Adam.. yet he uplifted all the previous prophets and Allah praised all of them as of being from one lineage... The signs are everywhere!! I dont ever hear any Christian mention the Chapter in the Quran titled Al-Jinn.. or The Jinn.. this book is clearly telling and stating the existence of another being made of fire or plasma which relates with everything else we know about Demons and Satan being a Jinn too and how they are trying their best to deceive us!! In Islam in the
That KNOWLEDGE COULD HAVE ONLY COME FROM ALLAH THE ONE LORD... if as some say Muhammad was not telling the truth in his revelations that he received from Allah than how does he know the such awesome unseen truths??? Think ??? ?!!!!!!

And In Islamic sayings of the Prophet (Hadiths) he clearly states that Dajjal or the AntiChrist will try to decieve humans and have great powers like never seen before.

Well there you go that confirms the prediction of this post of Obama getting injured and recovering and the demons coming through etc... probably somehow they will show Obama as the antichrist with great powers.... it is in front of you the truth... if for a second you think that today's Christianity is Gods religion than you have been deceived by Satan as well... all the pagan idols and statues in Church today... all the blasphemous concepts of Allah having a Mother or Son.... don't you see why and where it came from?? Who is benefiting from destroying Allahs monotheistic religion??? The CHurch which states that priests cannot marry yet marriage is a natural process ordained by God from the day of our first human being and prophet: Adam... yet this church denies that and promotes homosexuality by forcing priests to get release by abusing young boys..

The signs are in front of you and its not too late go research authentic Islam and not the bullcrap you see on the news... or the WEstern funded terrorists that Say THEY ARE MUSLIMS.. yet are Anti Christ followeres... go research and look for what real Islam is.. just because you see a bad example and distorted example on TV doesn't mean the religion of Islam itself is not the way.. use your god given faculties... Islam doesn't deny Christianity !!! it just is rectifying the lies put into it from other evil humans and satan... murder is bad.. .stealing is bad.. prayer is important...fasting is important etc etc.. Islam and Christianity are the one and same religiions but Christianity doesn't exist as its true form anyllonger
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