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Im not sure why there are so many people that are trying to feed their negative energy on me.
My work is meant for all of humanity.
To evolve the soul and free the mind.
But I do not hate. I still love all of my fellow soul travellers.
My you all find peace.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21977601

I think you wanted the best for people. I have a hard time with the money thing because it seems like David Wilcock(if you are David Wilcock) upset people with what was promised. I thank you because I would not understand what was happening to me a month ago when I felt the intense peering into my life. I realized what the hell was going on when I saw the project looking glass video. I think the people who used this machine actually saw some of us who are trying to awaken, I think they saw us as part of the reason they loose control and the NWO PLAN never really happens.

I really think the issue is that you portrayed the other timelines as real possibilities and that opened the door to the people really thinking this crap could happen and all that is really happening is a changing of the old regime to the new. I know you did know this but money messes emotions up in people. I believe you intended nothing bad and you were doing good and the project looking glass message has always been misinterpreted in the wrong hands. The visions they saw were just visions. It was a Trojan horse and let me say this And I hope you can understand: Time travel does not really exist. The technology is a dream and always has been. Only humans can really time travel with there own bodies and that is the only kind that is real. This experiment was always coming to an end and we are at zero time. Everyone is going to be ok, it may not be life shaking for all of us but change is occurring and it is for the greater good of all humanity.
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