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Message Subject Louisiana Bayou Corne Sinkhole Flyover
Poster Handle Razorbackkid
Post Content
I started a thread last night asking for some information about the Bayou Corne Sinkhole and the BP oil disaster because I wanted to do some research on the "connection".

My neighbor has been working off shore for about 35 years and he told me some stuff that blew my mind. I wanted to research some of these things on my own, thus last nights thread.

If what I was told is true....the entire gulf coast is at extreme risk.

These sinkholes are only getting started.
 Quoting: Razorbackkid

Why don't you share with us what your neighbor told you? Others can help you research also.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23172245

Like I said my neighbor works with an off shore company and has been employed with various companies for many, many years. I don't associate with him or his wife very often because he is not home very much.

However, I was working on one of my motorcycles a few days ago (I'm on vacation this week) and got my old 1977 Honda cb750k fired up and was riding it down the road. I ran out of gas because the carbs were leaking. Anyway, I was pushing it by his house and he saw me. He come out to offer a hand and we started bullshitting about bikes and such.

He helped me push the bike down the road about an 1/8 of a mile to my house.

We went out to my shed to get some gas and I brought out a couple beers. Well, a couple beers led to a case and before we knew it we ended up having my wife go to the store for more.

I don't know exactly when or where we started talking about shit being screwed up on earth but we did. I told him about this web site and some of the stuff I'd been reading.

I told I'd been interested in the Bayou Corne sinkhole and that is when he started talking.

He told me that he has become very aware of the situation because Bp screwed up. (I had thought the oil disaster was over, except for the clean up). He started telling me that the gulf of mexico is completely screwed. That there was only one way to "plug" that hole and even that might not work, because if it didn't work it would simply fuck things up worse.

He said he has heard talk of nukin' the hole to seal it off.

Of course I told him what I had heard about to hole been sealed off already, hell, I saw it on television like millions of other people.

That is when he told me about the second well site. The one they DID seal off. Not the first one. About ten miles away.

He told me that due to cost cuts and shareholder pressure that BP and some other company (can't remember the name) had to hit this hole hard, fast and come up with something called Louisiana Light or some such named oil. He said that months earlier this particular site had been very hard on the drillers and at one time it was left for dead. (I guess he was saying that it was just too freaking much trouble for the oil companies).

Anyway, the top heads got together and it was determined that the risk was worth the potential reward and before you know they are out there again, at the same hole. (or so he thought).

He was not there the day of the explosion. He seemed kind of upset that he was not there. But he told me that he knows that the explosion was because of methane and salt and because the sea floor was cracked. He said that it simply was a combination of everything that caused the explosion.

He said that what was tapped was not the Louisiana Light oil they hoped for but a more dense tar like aspault type oil. The kind you'd likely see around an under water valcano.

I ask him point blank how the hell this connects with the sinkhole at Bayou Corne. He told me that at least 100,000 gallons of oil was erupting through that hole in the gulf (the one not sealed) and it might take 20 years before it would stop. He said that 80% of this oil was beneath the salt layer in the gulf and that the more the oil comes out the lower these salt would fall. This salt bed (he says) reaches from southern Texas to the Florida panhandle and Louisiana was particularly in harms way.

He said that the water from the gulf was already eating up the salt domes and would do so from the bottom up.

The entire gulf coast is going to sink into the water. Sealing that big ass hole might prevent some damage but for many areas it is too late.

That is all I really know, he told me to do some research on it. And that is what I'm going to do.
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