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Message Subject Louisiana Bayou Corne Sinkhole Flyover
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you google 'tectonic banana' you'll come across a site which is uncontactable except for a few insiders

I've been watching Tectonic Banana for years. It's a brain-breaker, no doubt about it. But years ago, the same site posted stuff it stopped posting several incarnations ago, including stamped and dated documents emanating from the Australian government testifying to its funding of geological research and seeming employment of the owner of the tectonic banana site

The owner of the tectonic banana site was employed by an Australian university research dept. apparently. And they, assisted by Russian research, discovered stuff so alarming, so lucrative, so secret -- that funding for the research was halted prematurely and all tracks of same have been pretty much erased from the net

Since that time, the owner of the tectonic banana site has been posting some information, but not enough to provide most average readers with the full story

Most of the time he hints at the full truth, but his obsession appears to be rage aimed at first-tier governments and their duping of the entire world re: the 'oil story'. He claims (and I suspect there's considerable truth to it) that there have already been several attempts on his life during the past ten years or so - also that other scientists have already been murdered and their research etc. scrubbed from the net

I wish he'd get over himself and just post the truth in language the average reader can understand, but I've been waiting a long time and still don't fully understand it

Basically, he says the planet is not as we've been taught to regard it. For example, plate tectonics --he says it's a deliberately misleading, bullshit theory to keep us ignorant and unaware of what's really going on. As example of claimed bullshit, he points to Gibralter and Panama -- still where they've always been, despite so-called moving/shifting plates

Next, there are visible indicators of rich oil-deposits, he claims. He names these 'enigmas' and claims they are always roughly triangular in shape and have ridges backing them. He provides illustrations of these

He claims the immensely deep Gulf well was drilled right into one of the largest and deepest of these and that it was deliberate and unimaginably catastropic

His site is all over the place but to be suspected is that he knows what he's talking about, having pioneered research which discovered these anomolies. And he's as keen as most of us to remain alive, hence the crazy presentation. To be suspected also is that he might be hoping that by not revealing everything in full and clearly, he still has a chance of recouping money promised him for his co-operation

For those with an interest in the alarming and reckless pillaging of the planet and also an interest in reckless oil-drilling, etc. his site is worth a look, imo

And those who do manage to extricate comprehensible info --- please be sure to post it for the rest of us

[link to tectonicbanana.org]

[link to tectonicbanana.org] (this one has quite a lot of info on the 'disintegrating planet' model and how to spot the oil deposits stripped of 'official' info

[link to tectonicbanana.org]

[link to tectonicbanana.org]

[link to tectonicbanana.org]
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