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Message Subject The Chakra system, awakened and flawed... Part I
Poster Handle 141
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How can I clear my navel chakra.

I have a peculiar numbing/tingling sensation going on a little under my right ribcage when I lean over while sitting.

Any tips to clean up the navel chakra?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30970093

As I see it, the naval chakra has really been used big time, to control, to impose fear and imbalaning into our sexuality...

When you mention that point, under your right ribcage, I got to think of the liver-stream, which is a horizontal energyflow, which are connected to the diaphragm, the big muscle separating the heart and the lungs from the abdominal organs...
This muscle/energy-field plays an important role in awaking from the ego-centered consciousness to the heart balanced awareness, that help us to gain a deeper balance for in our reality...
So perhaps it could be a valuable exercise to connect with that stream of energy flowing horizontal in that area, and dissolve any barriers...
Just remember to ask the deepest of your essence for guidance...

Perhaps this thread could help dissolve some blockages:
Thread: A meditation to set yourself free

And also if it feels right, I'd be happy to send some healing

Lots of love to you
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