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Message Subject The Chakra system, awakened and flawed... Part I
Poster Handle 141
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There are no coincidences. Just a few minutes ago I was looking up chakra's on line. Foe the last month or so I have had tremendous turmoil w/in my 2nd chakra. It has been twisting and turning and causing me a great deal of discomfort to the point of being immobilized. I don't know what to do. I don't really have any spiritual practices that I do on a regular basis.

It feels like energy is starting to move there but it is stuck. I would appreciate any advice you could give me.hf
 Quoting: duncog2012

Happy you found something of use here, I'll touch deeper into the chakra system, both as it works in the flawed reality as it is now and how we can align ourselves with our own essence of truth...
There is a lot of BS and traps regarding the Chakrasystem, so please practice to resonate at the deepest level within yourself (to these of my writings as well), so that it gets real for you, out of what makes sense for you, inside out...

Perhaps you can use this meditation, to break free of programming and imbalances:
Thread: A meditation to set yourself free

And if you are open to it, and it feels right allow me to send you some healing...

Lots of love to you
 Quoting: 141

Any type of help would be greatly appreciated. To me it feels like some old emotions are trap within mt second chakra and are trying to resolve themselves. Does that make ant sense?hf
 Quoting: duncog2012

My sweetheart (Elle) and I will send you some prayer and healing right away :o)

Elle senses that there is some kind of blockage between the heart and the throat, like a black circle of some sort, which looks like unresolved issues...
If we are to discuss this any deeper, it would be better to use email, considering your privacy... But only if it feels right...

Lots of love
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