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Message Subject The NOBODY phenomena. What do you think?
Poster Handle Enjoy Candy!
Post Content
The NOBODY is you - it is everyone's conscience.
 Quoting: amachiavellian

Of course, most of us understand this. But most can't stay vigilant for long and use this idea to fuel their fantasies which are based on ill cravings for power and status. Or that is what I am leaning to think.
From the other hand it might be empowering for those that have given up or lost hope.
I would very much like to hear opinions on this matter. That is the purpose of this thread.
 Quoting: Enjoy Candy!


To go full out here,

It is only the ones with the Divine Knowledge that it is supposed to support.

It is otherwise an extremely vicious memetic engine. It is a "balloon ego" detector, really.
 Quoting: pi

I see.
But it isn't very useful for the ones with knowledge either, right? More like a pleasantry.
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