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Message Subject The NOBODY phenomena. What do you think?
Poster Handle Dark Stranger, Sir AC
Post Content
It is working on me.

Since the day I thought... "Wait a minute, maybe this nobody business is about me", I have carried a heightened sense of responsibility and purpose. My life is quite literally resurrecting from the ashes and right mindedness has returned.

I doubt I am the nobody but living with the notion that I could be has brought s healing and productive creative purpose to things I used to have disdain for.

In the best world, there are millions of people just like me, thinking the same things, and working to improve themselves in the chance that they might one day be graced with such a wonderful position of opportunity to heal the masses.

In the worst world, I am a megalomaniac and the only other people who are experiencing this like me are other megalomaniacs who are no different than the current megalomaniacs who inhabit the offices of power and influence that have brought the world to the fucked up place we see it today.

Keep talking about this Nobody, its kinda cool.

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