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Message Subject The NOBODY phenomena. What do you think?
Poster Handle Enjoy Candy!
Post Content
Hmm? Exactly which aspect was the "corrupting" influence?
 Quoting: pi

I realized that I am the nobody and that I have a mission, a purpose to share what I know. That my views are the truth and that those that don't follow them must be convinced, that they must join me as they are suffering otherwise and I am their savior.
I felt egocentric, I felt full of ambition and narcissistic.

Only thing that has changed is that I do not feel superior to anyone, nor do I think I know 'the better way'. I try to be humble and occupy myself with art and actions so that there is no room in my mind for unnecessary thoughts, ill thought, egocentric thoughts. I try to think less.
There are people who just shine this aura of positiveness. One of them completely changed my life and he did not have to say much, it was more his presence, his purity and humbleness that inspired me. I do consider him to be my mentor.
I believe that you generate inner light by becoming purer in thought and action. Then you just live your life and shine. The people around you will gaze in your warmth and without talking about anything they will light up just from one spark of your radiance and carry some of your light further, fueling it to burn even stronger.
Everyone is like a torch that just has to be lit. And I do not think it is possible like this, with threads and throwing ideas around. But it might do something, I do not know, I am experimenting and after a while I will find out if this was the right choice and maybe learn something from this experience that will help my development.

Fall in love with doing not the result and your spark will slowly turn into wildfire engulfing the world. Maybe not in your lifetime, but the nobody idea made me think about MY lifetime, that I will get to see the results and taste the fruits. It made me think about me, when actually what you need is to not think at all.
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