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Message Subject The NOBODY phenomena. What do you think?
Poster Handle Enjoy Candy!
Post Content
well, we do not fill your typical jobs, but right now at the time of the apocalypse we can see that new powerful minds have emerged which know secrets to happiness the general population rejects and is steered away from.

the result of the balance of this program would disturb the current market enslavement trends and so the Illuminati wish to keep the tree of knowledge a secret.

some climb and eventually find that it is best to fly up into Heaven.

The nobody was the continuation of the wave known as nothingness. Its largest point of documentation given Human research on the matter was done in the late 1800s until now. Most information is too clouded, and the line of information to perceive is not bound in any one book but many which flow together absurdly.

There is an opportunity, that the potential energy is here and has not yet been destroyed.

If someone with power can plug them into the system general tendencies may shift.
 Quoting: thedude2888

I understand.
There is a thing I have learned - when you have to fight, bring with you only your fists, as anything else might be used against you.
This nobody impulse resembles a weapon from our enemies arsenal and yet we yield it. Somehow I do not trust our ability to handle this weapon and this seems a very fragile plan that can easily be turned against us.
Do not arm your enemy, especially with a weapon that he is very handy with. lol
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