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Message Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
Poster Handle Bending Light
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What do you propose causes these effects if not the sun?

I am looking now for some pages I seem to recall about the magnetosphere reacting before a flare but don't recall where I read it.

I believe it had to do with flux transfer.

[link to science.nasa.gov]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29820852

Notice this:

March 11, 2011 and March 11, 2012


Earth's magnetic field nearly flipped on both those dates yearly.

March 13th, 2012 it actually did flip as covered here on GLP.

Thread: GLP, this is for you... NASA Hiding Data of Magnetosphere Reversal
Thread: Magnetic Wind from the dark side of Earth - VERY IMPORTANT

Obviously that's not normal.

As I said earlier:

"We are given a lot by NASA and the scientific community of things going on in space such as the Sun, dark rift, cosmic rays, alignments etc.. we the public don't have all the tools in space so we rely on sources that do to tell us everything.
Are they telling us everything?
Lets keep it simple....

Being NASA is aware, has many the smart minds and equipment studying this stuff.. why is it they haven't come out acknowledged and predicted these specific anomalies that have occurred within exact dates yearly???
Hey if a random kid on the internet can predict when geomagnetic storms and pressure on Earth's magnetosphere will occur to the exact date... it would make sense that NASA would be able to make the same predictions before the random person on the internet right????
Well that hasn't been the case.

The answer is simple but scary.. if the source was something mainstream then somebody else would have predicted activity and put this data together before me.
I would have to be silly to think I'm smarter than the minds at NASA and the whole scientific community that could have put this data together well before me!"

No way, nooo way is the source something put out by NASA.
If it were then the questions above wouldn't exist.
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