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Message Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
Poster Handle apm
Post Content

I have been analyzing the GOES-15 solar flares data for periods of time between february and april of the last 3 years
and i have found completely strange (but similar anomalies) data in the same period, i'am not and enhanced member so i can't post any images but you can all verify for yourself at the site :

[link to www.tesis.lebedev.ru] you just need to select the periods of time i'am talking about.

My english is very bad sory.

2010 - Starting at 27 february and ending at april 10 there is
always a big decline in the data graphs just before 08:00 and there are data failures (blank periods) in many days, this behaviour only ends at april 10, this anomalies are impossible to be generated by sun behaviour.

2011 - Starting at 24 february at + - 17:00 there are data failures in the graphs, this kind of behaviour continues until
april 13. I call yout atention for march 1 and after, a pattern of decline in graphics starts to appear near the same hour (06:00) every day... and blank periods are getting stronger... this only ends in april 13.

2012 - Starting at 24 february there are data failures (blank periods) in the graphs, they intensify in march with many data gaps, this kind of behaviour only end at april 12.

I would like a opinion about this....

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