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Message Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
Poster Handle fellowearthling
Post Content
Great observations you've made
that open up all sorts of possible
scenario's, eh?

Perhaps the earths magnetic field
is strongly affected by developing
solar activity before the sun
exhibits flares or earth exhibits
aurora's? If so, you may have found
a local method to predict solar

Perhaps there's an astronomical
alignment with some 'body', be it
fluff, nibiru, whatever... on a
regular, cyclical basis?

Perhaps you're not some 'random
guy' at all and are far more
intelligent and attentive to
detail than you give yourself
credit for?

The flux transfer events mentioned
by a previous poster may also have
some relevance too?

Great effort and I'm one impressed
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