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Message Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
Poster Handle Bending Light
Post Content
Amazing work spotting patterns, as in past videos as well!

I do wonder, though, if it is not that they are blaming the sun or manufacturing data for solar flares/filament eruptions/CMEs, but maybe these magnetosphere anomalies are precursors to solar activity. But then again, you pose an excellent question: If this precursor exists, surely someone would have noticed it by now other than you.

I do think that we have a magnetic/electric connection to the sun, and this could very well be a precursor, but why has no one noticed it!?!?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29315139

Great observations you've made
that open up all sorts of possible
scenario's, eh?

Perhaps the earths magnetic field
is strongly affected by developing
solar activity before the sun
exhibits flares or earth exhibits
aurora's? If so, you may have found
a local method to predict solar

Perhaps there's an astronomical
alignment with some 'body', be it
fluff, nibiru, whatever... on a
regular, cyclical basis?

Perhaps you're not some 'random
guy' at all and are far more
intelligent and attentive to
detail than you give yourself
credit for?

The flux transfer events mentioned
by a previous poster may also have
some relevance too?

Great effort and I'm one impressed
 Quoting: fellowearthling

Thank you both for your kind words.

"magnetosphere anomalies are precursors to solar activity"

Why the same dates year after year and how come no other times during the year? Earth's magnetic field in tiny compared to the mass of the Sun and why would this only now start to happen if the Sun is indeed the source?

"why has no one noticed it!?!?"

That's key..
I always asked myself that, perhaps people are studying BS data NASA is putting out is the answer.
Again the question remains: If the solar activity is legit and other forces in space NASA speaks for is accurate then why no one else has noticed all this????
What I shared is magnetic field and spaceweather data, all public and simple to see and understand.
I think people blindly believe whatever NASA puts out about the Sun well this thread proves NASA is bullshitting about a lot, especially the Sun.

"If so, you may have found
a local method to predict solar

Again I'm a nobody that just studies data and things actually going on with the Earth.
I'm not putting myself down but rather speaking realistically.
There is a large scientific community, plus there is NASA.. if I was predicting "coming Solar activity" then others would have found have put this together before me.

FYI in the video I show David Morrison from NASA on my youtube channel saying "I don't understand science", where I replied:
"Being I don't understand science perhaps explain why by using this data predictions were made of exactly when changed particles would influx Earth's magnetosphere causing a bow shock of pressure and geomagnetic storms. Where as the predictions were made before any forecast from NASA/NOAA and before any "Solar eruption".

Of course I got no response, no anybody can respond to that.. it's undeniable.
Right after that conversation the source I was using NICT was terminated for good.
Thread: NICT Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation is now shut down for good! "Web services have been terminated"! Very interesting!

Start at 25 min to see the quotes.

"Perhaps there's an astronomical alignment with some 'body'"
That's what I believe and whatever it is hasn't been made "official" as is why the Sun bullshit cover up.
Which also answers this question "why has no one noticed it!?!?"

The alignments happen during that time frame and it's been getting worse (source getting closer)?
So that is WHY I'm now pushing this data hard, a couple months before I know things will pick up.
You all have an early warning and know what to look for.
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