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Message Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
Poster Handle Bending Light
Post Content
If it's due to an astronomical,
alignment, an astrological
counterpart would also seem
logical... end/start of zodiac
isn't that far off...

Wonder what allowing for the
precession of the equinoxes
would do...

 Quoting: fellowearthling



This means that when Jupiter is on the same side of the Earth as the Sun (Jupiter exists in the sky with the Sun very near by) Earth's mag. is getting extra pressure!

The correlation indicates that Jupiter is likely your source, or is affecting the Sun drastically!

[link to jabbingjupiter.com]

Your data goes back to 2010, well something happened to Jupiter in 2009. See above.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19514200

[link to space.jpl.nasa.gov]
Here is solar system simulator
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19514200


Jup-Sun line-ups.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19514200

If this "happening" happens at the same time each year, am I correct in assuming it is a returning body? Like an invisible planet...meaning one we just cannot see?

Is it a pulsation that arrives once a year...like a giant heartbeat through space affecting stars inside its echo?

Could it be a magnetically "cloaked" ship that visits each year?

I appreciate your dedication and study on this subject. You care a great deal about getting to the truth. I hope we see the truth or are allowed to know the truth before long.

Anyone who has any brains should know something is not right. All we can do is wait, prepare, watch, and keep an open mind. Take any statement from tptb with a grain of salt.

As for you...stay in the crosswalks.
 Quoting: waitn4end

Fantastic Post OP...!!!

Do you think it is because of the black hole in the Milky way??? As Pane Andov states??? the dark rift??? or a planet??? what could it be???

five stars!!!
 Quoting: saturn12

Wow! Will be fascinating if
there's extra solar and
aurora activity come next
years winter solstice here...

The 'Bending Jupiters Light'
effect perhaps?
 Quoting: fellowearthling

I appreciate and thank all of you for your interest in this information.
There is a quote in the thread I would like to point out in response to all of this.

"Being NASA is aware, has many the smart minds and equipment studying this stuff.. why is it they haven't come out acknowledged and predicted these specific anomalies that have occurred within exact dates yearly???
Hey if a random kid on the internet can predict when geomagnetic storms and pressure on Earth's magnetosphere will occur to the exact date... it would make sense that NASA would be able to make the same predictions before the random person on the internet right????
Well that hasn't been the case.
The answer is simple but scary.. if the source was something mainstream then somebody else would have predicted activity and put this data together before me.
I would have to be silly to think I'm smarter than the minds at NASA and the whole scientific community that could have put this data together well before me!"

There are soo many people that study planetary alignments which always have been going on. Now we the have whole galactic alignment and supposed "energy cloud" as well.
Although none of those people who study that data have put all this together!
Nor has NASA come out and acknowledged the reality of this data and increasing yearly patterns, they couldn't come out because they know they would have to give us a source which isn't in their best interest.

There are many many people who study this stuff!
First of all bare in mind it's crystal clear NASA is putting out BULLSHIT about the Sun and isn't telling us the real story!
That's the basis of this thread because it's most obvious and we mustn't forget that!
We are being LIED to! This thread is PROOF we're being LIED TO and nobody can debunk that fact.. and that fact which is HUGE!!!!

While yes it's natural to speculate a source, I don't want people to miss the bigger picture here.
We are the common man and it's important to remember Earth is telling us the answers, not NASA or some scientist.
The data is complied here and it's important to share and look forward.
I'm not here to speculate but rather share what Earth is telling us, what we know for sure.
Previously with that mindset I have been accurate in predicting activity and it's important now to be on the watch in the coming months for this activity but more severe.
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