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Message Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
Poster Handle Bending Light
Post Content
March isn't the only month, I'd be paying attention to late February till mid May.
Although we might start seeing signs pick up sooner however.
Beyond that..
 Quoting: Bending Light

So you're telling us that your new-unhidden-science says:
1) We'll have CMEs
2) Solar Flares
3) Aurorae
Sometime between late February through mid-May, except we might start seeing signs pick up sooner so why not just say:

Sometime between now and June.
During the solar maximum.
Any CME is a hit.
Any Flare is a hit.
Any Aurora is a hit.
For the next 1/3 to 1/2 year.

Simply astounding! Stop the presses! We must get this important information out! Why, do you know what the odds of this happening are? It must be near 100%!

Amazing! A true GLP prediction (which is typically no prediction at all).

I can see you're going to be a GLP prognosticating hero in less than 3 months.



 Quoting: Reality420 24847476

Ha.. Ha.. Ha!

Actually I have an accurate track record of predicting activity days before hand as shared here.
The point of this thread is to prove NASA is lying and we aren't be told the real story of what's causing all this.
Nobody yet has disproven that fact.

I gave the overall time.. if you want specific details I already gave a specific forecast in a previous thread:


The forecast below will be based all upon the data above, once you read it you'll understand I'm not making stuff up out of my but but rather am referencing historical data and statistics.

Here is my 3 month time frame for Earth being the most severely effected by the source causing the previous pattern anomalies.

*** February 20th through May 20th the time frame.

* Increasing Earth Booms that I guarantee will make the mainstream news.
* Increasing Bird and Fish anomalies such as groups of Birds falling dead from the sky and many dolphins beaching themselves..(for example).
* Earth's magnetic field increasing being severely compressed/repelled as well as a flip (if they don't cover it up again).
* The "Blame the Sun Agenda" will most definitely pick up, expect increasing M/X class flares during this time frame.. although the validity of this activity will be questionable (if you want to believe the "Sun stuff" be my guest, bare in mind my this thread has shown there is a second source sending charged particles directed towards Earth.. without that fact I wouldn't have been able to predict accurate previously)
* Which also means increasing pressure on Earth's magnetosphere and a whole lot more Auroras.
* There will be at least one 8+ earthquake within that time frame and the New Madrid will pick up in activity.
* Increasing Plate Movement meaning redirected pressure sending bursts of earthquakes 6s & 7s globally within a few days. We first really saw this after the Sumatra earthquake in April Thread: 2012: Scientists say Huge Earthquake April 11 Triggered Other Quakes Worldwide
* Increasing buoys going into event mode from all this movement.
* March 2012 was warmest on record for America, I expect more weird weather as well.
[link to www.weather.com]

Specific short time frames to watch for

February 21-28
March 6-13
March 30 - April 15th (most severe)

During these 3 time frames look for severe magnetic field anomalies, Sun BS and pressure on Earth's magnetosphere.
Severe earthquake watch as well, I bet at least one 8+ will hit during one of these dates.

If you noticed.. these are the same dates I've already covered in this thread above and predictions I've accurately made from them as well.

The time frame above has increasing gotten more severe during the past 3 years, there is no reason for me to think this time around will be any different.
This just the basic forecast, it is possible it will be much worse.
How bad things will get I won't know until we get closer but what is above is a guarantee.

 Quoting: Bending Light
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