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Message Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
Poster Handle GodFrequency
Post Content
scariest part of all of this is the food depletion that is going on globally because of the screwed up jet streams, the polar winds, the magnetic issues, and a new normal of completely unpredictable weather in order to grow crops.

Food will be the real doom very soon.

The worlds food reserves have not been this low since the 70's and we had 1/3 of the population then!

I've talked to many people that say one more year like we have had, and you will start to see starvation in the very realist sense of the word.

If what you are saying is true, then you can expect more of the same weather and crop failure as a result.

GET FOOD, it will soon be like guns!
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