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Message Subject is 25 too late to learn a martial art?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Absolutely not. That's when i started. No problem. Just be diligent. More important, commencing got me interested in Asian culture, especially in studying esoteric Taoism and Buddhism; and in studying chi kung/energy healing as in Reiki, for example/tai chi as well. What, finally, makes you "good" in MA are those energy practices.

They are what make you fast, healthy and most importantly, wiser. Don't neglect them. The physical practicing of forms/sets and sparring, etc. are fine, but the energy work is what makes one a "master" -- eventually. 47 years later i'm still practicing very athletically, and especially very seriously with those energy aspects. I easily pass for 55 and i can access all of the vital energy i need to easily keep up with someone in their 20s. MA, including its energy work component is a lifetime's discipline. Good luck !!
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