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Message Subject is 25 too late to learn a martial art?
Poster Handle Monk Meat
Post Content

If you really took any kind of martial art, be it mixed or otherwise, and this is how you really feel, then A..you just don't get it, and B..your instructors failed or are just plain lousy.
 Quoting: Monk Meat

I feel strongly about it because at 25 he hasn't got time to waste on ineffective old fashioned worthless crap.

Aikido is a joke, all that fancy crap is fine till you get punched in the face.

MMA is what works, if he wants the best results in the shortest ammount of time he needs to train MMA.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17186349

Some people are smart enough to avert situations where they would just get "punched in the face." and growing up in Philly, I understand this.

ANY martial art should be a last resort option.

Usually these guys who go to "Ed's MMA School" are the ones who go struttin' around looking for trouble thinking they're bad asses and wind up getting their asses handed to them.
 Quoting: Monk Meat

Oh I almost forgot, no matter how "smart" you might be, you cannot ALWAYS chose what position you are in.
 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

If you mean position as in what situation you're in where there's a strong likelihood of being punched undeservedly, you're right. Sometimes shit luck is on your side. But most times, smart people can see shit coming and act accordingly so as to avoid it.

Don't get me wrong..if I were planning on fighting competitively, mma is the way to go. muay thai, jj and wrestling and/or judo.

But if we're talking about what the OP described, then mma, in my opinion is overkill.

BTW..I've been following mma since day 1.
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