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President Obama is preparing to make a statement at 545 on the fiscal cliff. *Synopsis pg3 url***

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/29/2012 09:28 AM
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Re: President Obama is preparing to make a statement at 545 on the fiscal cliff. *Synopsis pg3 url***
why does he need to wait for votes when he can just by-pass it when ever he wants?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31035629

and with nothing resolved, Obama signs an executive order giving Biden, and the rest of the assholes fucking up this country, a raise.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10813603

Did I hear him say a slight improvement in the housing industry???? WTH!

Come to my house Mr. Pres and we will show you how much it has improved. Explain why our construction company has NO work now and why new housing starts dropped off to nothing in my county since 2008!

Now Mr pres. explain why I can't pay my bills next month because we have NO income right now and no way to pay anything including our mortgage payment. And oh yeah, the best damn part, we can't get unemployment because we don't stinking qualify because there is NO freaking help for those who are self employed!!!!

 Quoting: Pa resident1

It is clear to me how this will play out.

He is the "one" many have been waiting for

He has come from a lofty place, thrown down, to do 'this' work

He is arrogant and narcisstic


although not the one I seek

A vicar of christ he acts, as the pope does as well....their 'replacement'

a man trying to pull god status, a usurper, a renegade

Lightning has struck

he is far from what he seems to the 'believers'

many deceived as their ears are tickled