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Message Subject President Obama is preparing to make a statement at 545 on the fiscal cliff. *Synopsis pg3 url***
Poster Handle Sledster
Post Content
The POTUS is useless, clueless and powerless to do one thing right for the people of this country..

He is an empty Cracker Jack Box..
 Quoting: christian

Sorry Christian, I dont agree.

Obama knows exactly what he is doing and he knows we have to go over the fiscal cliffe in order for him to move on America's guns.

Once the SHTF fiscally, the country will be in turmoil.
Perfect timing for Martial Law and bring in the Chinese "peacekeepers" and confiscate America's guns.
The first and second amendment will be a thing for the history books as he ushers in a socialist society bent on transferring the wealth of Americans to 3rd world countries and into his pockets.

He knows what he is doing and he will bring us into a very bad place. I hope your house is in order.

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