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Message Subject SUPERB compiled video analysis of Newtown event!
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
It is very obvious that there is something foul going on with this event, and the threads I have seen have helped me drawn my own conclusions, so thanks for that. That being said, the whole Victoria Soto/ sister "connection" is very weak at best.
 Quoting: Gigolo Jesus

agreed. Especially since the claim is that the woman pictured is the sister. Siblings oft-times can appear near identical, even if they are more than a couple years apart in age.

I discounted out-of-hand the whole 'crisis actor' angle...until I saw the Greenburg connection portion of that video. The man AND woman both appear strikingly identical to the grieving parents (who can not manage to squeeze out one authentic tear....which seems to be a commonality among so many of the individuals getting major network airtime: Gene Rosen, school Nurse Cox, Robbie Parker, et al.)

Another point though is:
Why in all of these dramatic photos, is there never an actual name attributed to the person being photographed? In the photo referenced in this video, the caption for the wailing brunette on the cellphone reads, "A woman" cries in anguish while awaiting news about "her sister, a teacher"...

The photographer never approached the person to ask permission to use their photo? And never asked what her name is? Or the name of her sister, the teacher?

Look through the most popular AP photos....SO MANY of them are lacking ACTUAL names! So many of the photos have captions such as: "An unidentified man" or "A woman" or "A nun comforts an unidentified parent of a child who is a student at Sandy Hook Elementary."

As for the video, the most revealing thing is the distance between the school and the firehouse (staging area.)

The distance between the school and the firehouse is 0.08 miles. Which is equal to 422 feet, which is also equal to 140.8 yards, which is also equal to 128.7 meters.
*Which is the length of one and 1/2 football fields!*

NOT just a few yards away!

How would you like it, if you were shot, and the ambulance that arrived to pick you up stopped 140 yards away? And the medical personnel had to take the gurney out and wheel it *uphill* 140 yards, which would take at a minimum one minute, likely more time than that. And then, after securing you into the gurney, you had to endure the 140 yard journey while bumping and jostling while the gurney wheels were clattering on the uneven paved driveway, downhill!

The deeper I dig into this event, less and less makes sense. WHERE THE HELL IS THE NATIONAL, STATE, AND LOCAL MEDIA ON THESE OBVIOUS, MAJOR DISCREPANCIES!!!??? I am not a professional investigator, I am not a college educated journalist with professional experience. I am, however, in search of the TRUTH. But, if these things are absolutely apparent to someone like me, shouldn't they be flashing like sirens and billboards to professional journalists and investigators?

Of course it should. This leads one to believe two things:
1. The media at all levels has been captured and corrupted, and is not reporting the facts, nor investigating the real issues, and should *not* be trusted.
2. It now becomes evident why social media such as Facebook and conspiracy forums such as _b___top____e_ is deleting any questioning of the "official" story being told by the msm....and also why Lt. Paul Vance made that statement to scare off anybody who intends to question the official story with threats of prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, followed up with a statement that the only story to believe regarding this event "is coming from these microphones" [meaning the police and msm microphones, and nothing else.]
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