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Message Subject SUPERB compiled video analysis of Newtown event!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another point though is:
Why in all of these dramatic photos, is there never an actual name attributed to the person being photographed? In the photo referenced in this video, the caption for the wailing brunette on the cellphone reads, "A woman" cries in anguish while awaiting news about "her sister, a teacher"...

The photographer never approached the person to ask permission to use their photo? And never asked what her name is? Or the name of her sister, the teacher?

Look through the most popular AP photos....SO MANY of them are lacking ACTUAL names! So many of the photos have captions such as: "An unidentified man" or "A woman" or "A nun comforts an unidentified parent of a child who is a student at Sandy Hook Elementary."

 Quoting: The Sonic Dreamer

Yes, this is a BIG point that I've brought out in other threads.

DOZENS of conveniently-dramatic photos and NO ONE IS IDENTIFIED.

It's because they are ALL ACTORS. They are not townspeople.

The media always trots out these same cookie-cutter "shock and awe" photos after every one of these false flag events - people gasping...people clutching each other and looking skyward...etc. ad nauseum... but NEVER IDENTIFIED.

It's UNHEARD of that a professional photojournalist could be on the scene of a big event and not get names and permission.
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