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Message Subject SUPERB compiled video analysis of Newtown event!
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
OK, here's what I wanna know.

We've pretty much proven that this Sandy Hook shit was a false flag/psyop bag of toro caca.

Maybe some people really died....maybe no one died.

BUt the fact is that it wasn't some nutcase kid walking into that school and killing all those people.

It was the fuckin government/CIA/spook/black ops...whatever in the hell you wanna call them who did this thing.

And we know why. TO GET THE GUNS.

Now....what the FUCKcan we do about it??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31051154

I feel the same way you do. What can we do about it? Well, at this point, with the black budget technology that the military and TPTB have at their disposal, there is no way the people of America will be able to win a "hot" war against the entrenched elite.

The only way the people can reclaim liberty is going to be through the intervention of God. God = love.

I think we need to do our part to continue to "wake up" our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, etc. If everyone is aware to the manipulation going on, then the ruling elite will be helpless. Unless if the great majority of people wake up, then our situation will truly become hopeless.

We are at the precipice. Either we wake up everyone else, and the ruling elite are deposed, and liberty reinstated.....

or else the planet truly will become enslaved, worse than anything the Matrix or George Orwell could have imagined...
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