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Message Subject SUPERB compiled video analysis of Newtown event!
Poster Handle guncontrolltard2
Post Content
I hope these Sandy Hook threads get the attention they deserve. I've tried to bring some of these inconsistencies to light in the local media (I live in CT), but I've been censored more than once.

I think any kind of meaningful refutation of the official lies must ultimately come from residents, witnesses, etc.

It amazes me how few eyewitness accounts have been reported in the local media.
 Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

Daddy-0, is it possible for you to request under FOIA and get a copy of the police incident report? This report is public information.

If you can get that copy, please post to the internet and link us up here. Thank you.

FOIA = Freedom of Information Act
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 622193

in situations where the authorities are stonewalling the
news media, the MSM has lawyers who quite often go to court
and get a court order forcing the authorities to release the information.

in this case: there is no defendant who's rights need to
be protected, and, most importantly, the legal standard
on behalf of the MSM is "a compelling public interest".

the MSM has not done this at Sandy Hook. very strange.
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