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Message Subject The World will never be at peace as long as we allow British and French bankers to Rob and Manipulate the world!
Poster Handle Moking-shit
Post Content
Who doesn't love France?

The most romantic country in the world
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

the same country that started ww1 ww2 and vietnam? you are fucking joking right
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30760504

Post your "theory" on how France started the three wars you just mentioned.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Lets see the treaty of Versailles comes to mind, Invading and attacking the Vietnamese when they were asking for help. Manipulation of the European economy in ww1. they started them all, every fucking one of them.

Lets take a look at recent conflagrations, Libya, egypt and syria.... how many dead now?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30760504

The first world war was because France wanted Morocco and Germany opposed...

The First Moroccan Crisis is seen as one of the long term causes of World War One as it led to a breakdown in trust between the major European powers.

Germany vs France and Germany
[link to africanhistory.about.com]
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