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Message Subject The World will never be at peace as long as we allow British and French bankers to Rob and Manipulate the world!
Poster Handle lucifer9
Post Content
the world will not know peace until the individual knows its part in creation. As long as you fear and resist war it will continue. As long as you place blame outside of self and have something to point at saying this or that is the problem. We ALL are the problem we create it together as a collective and it is time we create something new instead of seperation lets create unity.

How you may ask. When you seek to better yourself to become higher social status you create seperation. Until you can see yourself as equal and all as equal to you these cycles will not stop. Do not give in to the imaginary games of seperation of which money is the greatest tool. It seperates us through social classes. It keeps the majority in want and hopless lack. An idea that is all money is and most serve it as if the world does not exist without it.

We must work together not against eatch other. This is the only way we can break down the illusionary walls. It pains me deeply when I hear or see a being harming another over something as useless as money. Beings will kill for it put down others for it and even go against their own heart for it. What a folly this is what error have we let into our thinking. You people say its time for this nobody to wake up I say its time for the people to wake up. It is time to bring back to the forefront care of hummanity and not an imaginary dollar. Paper that has a seal is more important to us than our brothers and sisters
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