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Subject My Friend's Band Just Got Signed; Check Out His Single For Free!
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content
You can stream it off that site... or download it...
(free either way)

My wife and I are guests on his upcoming album...
(just not on this song)

It was pretty exciting to record a song on the album

Its pretty heavy stuff... so if you arent into metals... then you wont like it...

EDIT: Do to dumb mother fuckers who didnt read the above...
I'm gonna bold this section and restate the fact...

ITS FUCKING HEAVY HEAVY DEATH/DOOM METAL YOU LIL PANSIES, your sensitive whiny ass ears will bleed if you dont like heavy shit

This is prolly my favorite song off the album

This version doesnt have any keys in it... The album version has keys in it.

But this one is good on its own without the keys.

this was done in a small at home studio, the label isnt some giant label its a small outfit... but its a great start to a great artist...

The album is currently being mixed and all that technical production stuff... but its gonna be released in 2013.

So check out "Wounded" by 'Agonal'

[link to sanctusgladius.com]
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