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Message Subject My Friend's Band Just Got Signed; Check Out His Single For Free!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
didn't know you we're hardcore Doc.

I like how death vocals sound but fucked if I can ever make out a word they say, mayhaps its irrelevant anyhow in comparison to the sound. I could never do it for long, scratches my throat and makes me cough. Some guys I know could just belt it out from the pit of their stomach non-stop.

Your song has quite the grind to it. I've never been a fan of the heavy fast punctuated by slow melodic contrasting verses, though that might be a personal preference, but it seems to me like a way over-used song format (i.e. every second death metal song I hear)
Back in the day my band would just go flat out full tilt as fast as we could for a 45min set. I would launch blood curdling screams and rage and growl. The guitar players gripping their forearms in pain, the drummer in cardiac arrest and my brain would be hemorrhaging

I could never come out of the closet as a christian band, but me and the guitar player always professed our catholic roots, nobody gave a shit, or held it against us as long as we didn't fuck with anybody, we could hang with the 'worst' of them. And that didn't force us to do anything we we're opposed to or compromise our own intedrity, but we held our peace too often and we're overly consentual to things that should not have been done by some of the idiots around us.

I put alot of christian themes in the words and was good at it because due to lack of education and upbringing on the subject, many people didn't catch on unless I got too preachy about it, and that mostly got worked out of the songs at rehersal, never mattered much to the boys as long as it didn't sound weak or lame or gay to them, and most of the religion and christian slant went over their heads anyway.
dbout I ever did a lick of good for anyones soul but we had a blast.

good luck
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