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Message Subject Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Home Intruder (Oh the Irony! hahahaha)
Poster Handle 0311INFANTRYSIR
Post Content
Did you find a T Rex fossil next to this news?
 Quoting: Battlestar Valkyrie

Who cares if it is old, it is relevant. Very, Very relevant. Pelosi has a Concealed Carry permitt as well. Politicians and elitists believe that they are more valuable than we are and that they can handle the "responsability" of a gun and we cannot. Yet, they have no problem starting wars and sending US off to die while they dodge going to combat and ensure their children safely out of the Military as well.

These are two perfect examples of who the people are that are pushing to take away OUR gun rights, yet, they get to keep their guns. Just like they can have a raise when we get wages frozen, just like they can conduct insider trading and we cannot. and the list goes on and on and on.

I am so fucking tired of these hypocrites.
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