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Message Subject GLP predictions for 2013..
Poster Handle Sir Griffo
Post Content
Compound bows and cross bows become the weapon of choice across America.

World food prices become unbearable.

Shortage in water and farming by summer.

Many food born meat fungus/illness/parasites that cause many deaths among farming animals.

The jet stream will meet the land because of atmospheric contraction.

People in mass numbers will lose their minds, Many new crazy unheard of crimes against each other.

Markets will crash a second time , and currency will seem pointless. The world will enter a depression state along with the u.s

The royals in england/uk/EU seek to regain power over elected government.

Obama finds out he didnt really want the job as a second term president.As everything will be on the down hill slope.

Massive cuts will come.

Health-care will become more of a joke of the land rather then the law.

Political heads are seen more as fools and jokers rather then any honorable trust.

Pole shift will continue along with the suns erratic behavior.

We will see a massive x flare , and the loss of mush the worlds resource ability.Electrical wise, and everything it makes happen.

Cindy Lauper will die.

Sporting events next season will be dull , and not money making.

Rumors of wars , before a crazy man makes a mistake.Then war.

Oceans will rise , and many coast lines will not be seen again.

The starting point of this will happen on jan 1st . Something happens at an event with a bear.

Have a happy new year.

New york jets....
 Quoting: ChickenLittleMessiah

Wow that's some deep shit! Can't believe Cindy Lauper is gonna die!!
Karma coming ya way!
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