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Message Subject GLP predictions for 2013..
Poster Handle Alexander
Post Content
- death of George H.W. Bush during 1st quarter of 2013 due to relapse of respiratory infection and/or heart failure.

- revaluation of the Iraq Dinar in the first fiscal quarter of 2012

- global financial reset if Iraq Dinar revalues

- significant CME and solar flares during March around the equinox time frame (20th) - not directed at earth

- quake greater then 8.0 within the March new moon (11th) and full moon (27th) windows - southern hemisphere

- heavy rains/storms in March along the Atlantic Northeast - major snow storms and flooding in Europe

- asteroid impact southern hemisphere near Australia (May) which will create tsunamis in the region and possibly trigger the ring of fire with increased volcanic activity

- continued drought in US southwest and throughout US bread basket resulting in more food shortages and increase prices for basics
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