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Message Subject GLP predictions for 2013..
Poster Handle PENG
Post Content
Let's have ya best predictions for 2013...

I'll start...

Prince Phillip to die before March.
Queen to get serious illness not long after.
Israel to strike Iran by May.
An earthquake of only 6 magnitude to cause massive loss of life in Europe.
European fiscal issues cause France to declare martial law by years end.
Tsunami to strike Australia east coast causing major damage & loss of life.
Signal received by SETI in same area as the WOW signal.

What you guys got?
 Quoting: Sir Griffo

Are you predicting on pure guess, feeling, or a trend you see? Just curious.

I can think of only one that immediately came to mind. Unfortunately, I feel another mass shooting involving young kids. Not sure if its elementary or high school. I don't like thinking about it or even saying it. I have young children myself. I felt something like the recent shootings was coming. I suspected it to be a terrorist plot though. I can only say that the day it happened, I kept my youngest (6 years old) home from school. I have never done that out of fear. But that day I did. Didn't happen in my state but I had an odd feeling about her safety and the school.

Could have been nothing, but I don't believe in coincidences.
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