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Message Subject First Sandy Hook lawsuit ** 100 Million Dollars**
Poster Handle 13th-Century
Post Content

Getting lawyers to look at what really happened, rather than what the media is telling us happened, may get us closer to the whole truth here.

But you'll see - the State of Connecticut will settle every lawsuit, anything so as not to go into a court, and try to straighten out their twisted lies.

 Quoting: 13th-Century

i don't get people like you...there is NO way in hell TPTB could keep this 'supposed psy-op' a secret..it happened..and it's no joke.... wtf is wrong with you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31046623

I don't necessarily agree with all the statements of everyone on GLP in all the threads on Sandy Hook.

But I know a cock-and-bull false flag when I see it, with enough gore oozing through the holes to make sure the Medical Examiner could tell that all the kids were shot with "a long weapon", on video, but now NBC says handguns alone were used.

Time to give your head a shake, pal.
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