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Message Subject First Sandy Hook lawsuit ** 100 Million Dollars**
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I agree schools should be safe and they mostly are
but how are we gonna pay for extreme safety measures
and armed guards at every school. And I dont want my kids
going to a school that feels like a prison

I had an armed guard in my high school.

He wore khakis, a dress shirt and tie...smiled and made small talk with other admins there...had a small office.

He wasn't involved in any of the discipline of misbehaving students.

He went through extensive background checks, psychological examinations, firearms training...

It was NOTHING at all like a prison. I barely noticed him.

How are we going to pay so that our kids aren't sitting ducks? Don't believe the bullshit about how the government can't balance the budget. The fed creates money out of thin air. People can donate money to causes they think are necessary.

We are intelligent human beings...we can make pretty much anything happen, if we need that thing to happen enough. Look at where you are, in this country. A few hundred years ago, it was entirely different. Cars didn't even exist...wrap your mind around that. You're telling me that you think it's an impossible task to protect your child when they are in school? That there is somehow no possible way for a country which creates money out of thin air (the fed does this), to protect its innocent citizens...with a defense budget that is larger than the next 13 countries' budgets COMBINED...somehow it's impossible to supply 1 or 2 trained people per public school?????????
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