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Message Subject Reporter Tells the Truth!
Poster Handle KillerKoodaaa
Post Content
It's like taking over a game of chess one move away from checkmate and I'm expected to win...it's game over

 Quoting: BRIEF

well instead of shootin those mo fos in the air and dancin around like a fool, level those puppies and aim at a waste of skin(polly) tician.didnt you hang m for treason?
 Quoting: KillerKoodaaa

I did nothing of the sort...are you proposing a killing spree, is that what you would do?
 Quoting: BRIEF

Noooo , i dont mean going on a killing spree you fool, you use your guns to round up the trash, then you get all the folks together and have a good old fashin hanging, but first a speedy trial, that should be the easyiest part , evidense my man, lots of it, then you could decide on who lives and who dies.But my guess is your a libtard diguised as a repub, so these criminals will be glorified by the sheep, and statues will be built.I,m pretty sure if you add up the deaths of people around the world at the hands of americans, i,d bed it,s more than all the tyrants in history combined,,prove me wrong , i now pity you,bushfing fool
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