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Message Subject Reporter Tells the Truth!
Poster Handle KillerKoodaaa
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I've been a land owner since I was able to vote at 18. Since then I have voted straight republican because I am against welfare and socialism, yet even before my time the non land owners were allowed to vote and that's what fucked things up...so while I was building a career and a family, what do propose I should have done?
 Quoting: BRIEF

There is no choice in this country. Republican, Democrat, it's a big joke. How can you have lived in this country as long as you have and not see that? I want welfare gone too. I want government out of my life. Anywhere in history after the 1960's it didn't matter who was in office it all still exists. One president in this country tried to tell the truth and his head was exploded all over his car and wife. The sad part is that people inside themselves know the truth but they continue on like it's business as usual for Uncle Sam. What does the fact of owning land have to do with anything? Seriously? Many of us own land, cars, boats, ect... Why is that important? Nothing you say will change anything. If it's true that you want to this to end, if you want all this social welfare to be but a memory than it's time to speak quietly. The method of brunt force is not working anymore. Ive been on GLP for a long time. I like to vent here and it's a awesome place to see what our future holds but it could be an awesome place to make real change if people like you make it happen. You stand out for a reason. It's not because of your words it's because of who you are.
 Quoting: myeyesropenow42

What you call a landowner and what I call a landowner are probably two different things...

A true land owner owns his deed free and clear...any welfare rat can borrow money and declare himself a landowner.

Welfare recipients should not be allowed to vote, it's a conflict of interest.

It has to crash now, there's no way to recover the mess.
 Quoting: BRIEF

I agree with you 100% the rug needs to be pulled from all these lazy people who contribute absolutely nothing to society. It will force those who can contribute to do so and those who can't won't be here anymore. I'm with you I'm just saying that it's time to change tactics on how to make it happen. The darkest of all have penetrated everything including both political parties. It's not difficult to see that this horror show we have been watching over the last few years could have been ended but it is still here. It truly is up to the people who lead but don't act to seed the soil. we all have been abandoned. It's up to us the people to make this happen or just accept the new reality
 Quoting: myeyesropenow42

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