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Message Subject Reporter Tells the Truth!
Poster Handle Brightwinger
Post Content
Romney knows how to run a successful business, the negro doesn't have a clue...but we let the children vote in Santa...
 Quoting: BRIEF

The election was stolen, Brief. You're a numbers guy, you'll understand this.

According to the reported votes, Romney received only .9 million more votes than McCain. That is, of course preposterous when Republicans had a 17% advantage in voter intensity over Democrats. In actuality, he would have received 2-3 million more votes than McCain just on that basis alone.

Obama received 3.9 million fewer votes than he did last time. We are supposed to believe that all 3.9 million stayed home and didn't vote for Romney instead. Again, that is preposterous when many people had said they voted for Obama last time but were voting for Romney this time. This would have been another 3 million votes for Romney.

Those figures don't necessarily include the blatant voter fraud observed in several cities and states including OH, PA, FL and so on. In Boston, for example, the voter turnout in many precincts was anywhere from 118 to 134% of the eligible voters. (This was done to deprive Scott Brown a Senate seat. The theft was not limited to the presidential race.*)

Romney supposedly lost by 4.8 million votes.

IOW, Romney won by probably one to three million votes.

*After 31 consecutive states had voted to oppose gay marriage in previous elections, all of a sudden three states voted to approve it this time. Yeah, right.
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