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Message Subject Can someone living on in the Northeast U.S. go look at the moon please?! WAAAY too bright!
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
i tried lookin at in my scope, but it tried to fry out my eye ball,cant even pick up any thing its so bright, never happened before,can only look for a fewe seconds before i gotta stop for a bit
 Quoting: KillerKoodaaa

EXCUSE ME! Can't you see in the thread title, that I only requested people living in the northeast U.S. to go moon peeping?!?!

just kidding! In fact, I am pretty ignorant about stargazing and related science. I know that the moon appears in different phases for different areas of the world, but I am not sure if that goes for longitude, latitude, or what.

Perhaps this is just all in my imagination. And, yes, I can remember the moon being visible as a child, and the way it illuminated the snow blanketed ground. But this looks like it is powered light, the way the sun is powered light. It does not appear as just a reflection, to my untrained eye, anyway.

Is it possible that the sun is shining brighter/hotter/different UV wavelengths, which is being reflected off the moon, which would account for the moon appearing much brighter than it did 10-20-30 years ago??
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