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Message Subject Can someone living on in the Northeast U.S. go look at the moon please?! WAAAY too bright!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was just outside (approx. 8:30 p.m.) and was startled by a light being cast on my neighbors roof. I thought, what the hell is that bright light being reflected off his roof? Is there a helicopter? But I don't hear one. It's as bright as the lights at the top of a pole surrounding a high school football field illuminated at night!

Sure enough, I walked around my house and saw the moon, casting way more light than I can ever remember in my life.

Now, I do know it is a very clear night here in southern New England, and yes it is a full moon. But, if the skies were so clear, then wouldn't more stars be visible as well?

The moon is giving off a bluish light, sterile light as if from a 6500k daylight bulb.

It appears way too bright. I can not ever remember seeing a moon so bright.

full disclosure: I am completely sober and drug-free. Yes I have seen the video of the pot-head who claims the moon is a projection.

I don't know why the moon appears so bright, but I always thought the Harvest Moon was supposed to be the brightest full moon of the year.

Please go outside and tell me what you think!
 Quoting: The Sonic Dreamer

You're an idiot, go back to school, the moon can be very bright and stop this useless conspiracy crap on the "brightness" of the moon! Is that all you got????? stupid ass...
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