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Message Subject Who wants free electricity?
Poster Handle mr_brightside74
Post Content
it will work on multiple sets of gearing cogs and electricity generators don't have much resistance. I will get my preferred rmp's. Even with slow moving weights.

They don't have compression like a gas engine. They just spin on magnetos.They could be oil filled , and huge but then ill just have to make it really big and use 1 ton weights.

 Quoting: ChickenLittleMessiah

ok... you'll never understand until you try to build it yourself.

How about this. I will pay you $50,000 in cash if you can build this device that will generate more power than it consumes. No joke. $50k in cash.
 Quoting: mr_brightside74

If i built it , wouldn't it be worth a lot more then 50k?

 Quoting: ChickenLittleMessiah

so what's stopping you? oh wait.... I know what's stopping you. the laws of thermodynamics.
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