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Message Subject Who wants free electricity?
Poster Handle IRQ_1
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And you can't series a DC output because?

Not that it matters most 110+ is made for AC anyway, while most DC is 12+.
 Quoting: IRQ_1

you can't series a DC motor which is essentially what a rectified AC motor is because the windings are continually switching on/off as the armature commutes. Come on... use a bit of thinking.
 Quoting: mr_brightside74

Have you heard about capacitors?
 Quoting: IRQ_1

Have you heard about inductance?
 Quoting: mr_brightside74

I thought I saw something on PBS about that very subject.


If your point is about keeping pulses of DC synchronized then the capacitor is your friend. We're dealing with the output of a generator not the internals so inductance really doesn't apply here.

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