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Message Subject LAST FRIDAY OF 2012!!!! I Propose a Break From DOOM, and Lets Party! ANYTHING GOES THREAD! (Till you Get baned)
Poster Handle M.A.G.E
Post Content
I'm already banned!!! used my Karma points for a free month and after that I'll be heading over to another conspiracy site...bullshi* bans.

I don't even care if I get red thumbs now because what does it matter I won't be able to come back here once my free karma point days are up lol.

yáll are cruel with those bans.

Im gonna get drunk! lmao
 Quoting: M.A.G.E

I have been banned before, too...it sucks.

If I head for the door suddenly and leave, it is because I lost power...having a ice storm here...winter weather advisory...yuck.:wfy:
 Quoting: Krystal

well after i tally up everything I spent at Christmas if I can afford a membership here I may just do it, I like this site, i just wish it wasn't so douchey with the banning.

ew an icestorm, stay safe I hope your power stays on, its pretty freezing cold here in Chicago too
 Quoting: M.A.G.E

I hope u can get your membership. I would like to see u stay. We all have to band together!


yeah, power is flashing off and on...afraid of the ice storms...snow is ok, but not ice. :iwp:
 Quoting: Krystal

Thank you I appreciate that and I agree we all need to stick together hf, I will try..hope you don't lose power :-(
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