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Message Subject Pineal Gland Experiences when going to bed at night?
Poster Handle pi
Post Content
Well don't I look foolish!

This is third eye meditation.

Have you seen Hindis with red dots on their brows? It is a similar idea. The third eye is a chakra that can be used to channel powerful energy.

Specifically, the third-eye orgasm is enabling a divine entity, or companion spirit, to reach in and short-circuit the nerves that cause orgasm. Like a typical orgasm it must be built up slowly.

It is essentially to re-enforce your faith in an entity.

The fact that people understand the sensation as separate from "GoD" or meditation mystifies me a little. Indeed this was one of the things to convince me that "GoD" is real.

Someone jump in if they've got a better idea... that's pretty much the best I've got.
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