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Message Subject To all you anti-union people.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I currently live in an "at-will" state.

Employers can fire you for no reason. There is no legal requirement to even give you a reason.

But, with a union, if your fired, you can file a grievance.

With this, the union investigates, and if they determine you were fired for a stupid reason, they can reverse the termination.

This offers you security with your job. Without it, and if you live in an "at-will state", an employer can fire you for your tie being crooked.

I won't go on to what else a union does, but the message is simple...

I want to say "screw you" to anyone who bashes the unions.

Anyone who thinks a union is bad, needs to educated themselves on what unions have done for people over the years.

If you think working 14 hours a day for min. wage, under the nose of a boss who can fire you for breathing is just fine and dandy, then bash the unions all you want.

Yes, there are good and bad unions. Some unions demand too much for their employees. These kinds of unions are the ones the GOP likes to smear to make all unions look bad. This is because the GOP likes to generalize, stereotype, and paint things with a wide brush.

My father worked for a rubber factory, which was union. He was fired twice for trivial reasons. If it was not for the union, he would of been out the door.

Do you know what large party wants people to work long hours, for little pay? The communists.

So either be a commie, or take the stick out of your ass, the dick out of your mouth, and QUIT BASHING UNIONS.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22079895

Um, ALL the Unions are run by the JEWS!

They make YOU pay them money to belong,

and then funnel that money into Political Contributions

Political Contributions ONLY to JEW Freindly Communists.

So, in a nutshell, YOU don't want to be fired, and are willing to be used as a money machine by the Stinking Scurvey JEWS in return for Communizing every one else.

So that's where it stands.

Your Expected JEW Buddies will sell your @ss out from under you as soon as communisim in place.

Look at History.

No one cares if you get fired as long as you are a WILLING Cog in the machine to communize America.

Here, watch this video and educate yourself about your Held-In-So-High-Esteme Hebrews (and don't let Yourself be cannon fodder for their Evil Ways)

Btw: Your Dad worked at a Rubber Plant; they don't call them that anymore. Now they are refered to as Con-Domes. Anyway, take a look at the Video and LEARN who these Evil Union People Really Are.

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